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Top Rated Coffee Makers

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy a good cup of coffee when you wake up in the morning. But if you’re a late riser like me, that’s not always the case. Try pouring the last cup from the coffee maker. Either you get cold or burnt coffee. Most of the time, I get both. Now, how can I solve this dilemma?

Option1: Well, I can always reheat it. But then I’ll end up with hot burnt coffee.

Option2: Throw away the cold burnt coffee and then brew a new batch. A cup goes to waste.

Don’t get me wrong. A lot of top rated coffee makers do make good cups of freshly brewed coffee, that’s why they are rated best in the first place. The only setback is keeping it hot long enough.

It’s like an eternity that even the best rated coffee Best Pour Over Coffee Makers 2019 makers makes use of a hot plate to keep it hot and fresh. What’s wrong with this process is that heat from the hot plate burns your coffee. Also the hot plate does not always stay hot, as the hot plate gets cold so does the coffee.

See what I mean? No matter how delicious the coffee our best rated coffee machines make, it will still end up as cold burnt coffee if left sitting on a hot plate.

Now, here’s a more pleasant solution: thermal carafes. It’s the same principle with top rated toasters. They are able to keep it hot longer without actually burning stuff.

A drip coffee maker with a thermal carafe solves the problem of cold burnt coffee very simply…

Instead of coffee being kept hot by the hot plate, the coffee drips directly into a thermal carafe. Top rated coffee makers have a “through the lid” system that means it drips right through the closed lid of the carafe, so there is absolute minimum heat lost.

So the next time you need to buy a brewer make sure that you look for consumer rated models with a thermal carafe. Buying top rated coffee makers is always the best choice considering that they’ve received good reviews from actual buyers and users.

Try Newco OCS-8 and Zojirushi Fresh Brew. Based on rated reviews, they do keep your coffee hot longer compared to other rated coffee machines. And with a price range of $90-$130, its good buy for small appliances. Of course, even with a thermal carafe, your coffee won’t stay hot forever. But at least, it keeps the coffee hot long enough so you’ll still enjoy a heavenly cup even if you’re the last person to get out of bed.


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