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Handheld Grinder – Better Grip With Both Hands

The handheld grinder is a tool that is used for grinding metal surface free of small blemishes, along with cutting the metal itself. The different jobs it can do is made possible by changing the disc on the shaft of the tool.

Some of the smaller and less powerful handheld grinders only have the handle grip for one hand. This makes it difficult to grasp with both hands. If the job requires more power and force than one hand can deliver, a more powerful grinder with a ใบเจียร  second hand grip near the end of the tool is recommended. This extra power is not always needed but it sure is handy.

Many of these hand-held grinders have an automatic cut off switch, just in case the disc becomes jammed during a cutting action. For those that do not have the cut-off switch, a breakaway disc is recommended. If neither of these is present, the grinder could come out of your hands and cause damage to whatever is near including yourself, if the disc becomes jammed.

A firm grip should always be acquired when using this power tool or any other. A loss of grip is a dangerous thing to occur. This is one of the reason many users of handheld grinders wear leather gloves. These not only protect the user from flying debris but also give them a better grip on the tool. Other personal protective equipments, which should be worn when using this tool, is eye protection and ear protection.

The best job done is one that is completed safely and this is possible when a handheld grinder is used with the proper precaution.


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