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Get Natural Shiny and Healthy Hair With Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a procedure for straightening the hair and making it healthy and shiny. This treatment uses a type of protein that is present in a person’s hair, nail and tooth.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

The protein keratin helps to smoothen and straightening your hair. This protein forms a coat on the strands to make it shiny and healthy. This protective layer stays on the hair for a long time. This treatment relaxes the hair curls and repairs the damaged hair. The texture of the hair remains soft and does not give you a brittle feeling. This procedure can be performed easily and leaves the hair strong and the tendency of breakage greatly reduces working as a hair loss treatment as well. This procedure may take about an hour to 5 hours depending on the curls and the condition. The result of the treatment will last for two to four months depending on the quality of treatment done and the care taken after the treatment.

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Types of Keratin Treatment

There are two major types of treatments available, first being normal keratin treatment and the second being keratin treatment plus. Keratin treatment is a chemical free procedure to make hair gentle, soft and vibrant. Two types of proteins are used, human hair keratin and botanical keratin. The reason being the smaller human hair keratin molecules pass into the cuticle and the bigger botanical keratin forms a coat on the cuticle. This leaves the hair nourished with keratin both inside and outside. Keratin Treatment Plus has some natural ingredients in their mix which may vary depending on the product. You will require to check the composition of the substance to clearly know what all has been added. Some of the manufactures add the goodness of plant vitamins like vanilla bean. Some products add collagen for revitalizing the hair. Chocolate has also been used with keratin as cocoa helps in reinforcing the inner structure of the hair and restores the natural tendency of the hair to stretch helping in hair loss treatment. Some products add strawberry which is rich in fatty acids, omega-3s and Vitamin C assisting in improving the texture of the hair.

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